After the Equifax Data Breach – What You Need To Know To Protect Yourself

Are you concerned about the Equifax security breach?  Based on the questions I've received, many folks are worried their personal information was compromised.  Here are some action steps you can take to protect yourself.  I hope you find them useful.
Here's how to find out if you might be part of the breach
1)      Equifax is offering a website where you can check to see if your data was compromised. Currently, the site does not give you a definite “yes”, but seems to let you know if your data was not breached.

Happy Independence Day!

Happy July 4th! Wishing all of you a safe, happy July 4th celebration.  Today is one of my favorite holidays as it brings back lots of happy memories.  As a child, I participated in our neighborhood’s July 4th parade with my siblings and friends.  As we got older our children enjoyed continuing the tradition.  On several occasions,…