How The Wealth Coach For Women's® Passion Inspired, Purpose Driven™ System Helps You

The Benefits Of The Money Coaching and Financial Planning Combination

Did you know conflicts with money destroy more relationships than any other problem? It is unfortunate that money is still considered a taboo conversation topic.  If folks struggle to talk about their feelings toward money, how can they expect to attain their goals?  As concern for financial security grows, folks want guidance to help them make smart decisions. Today we are bombarded with information. How do you decide what's best?  By participating in the Money Coaching Core Process™, clients identify the money behaviors, beliefs and patterns that hold them back.  Then they are given tools and exercises so they develop new habits that will help them reach their desired outcome.  The confidence clients develop with the Money Coaching and Financial Planning combination inspires them to take action toward their goals.  Financial Planning shows folks what they need to do.  Money Coaching shows them how to change and why it's important.   Click the video below to learn more.


What I Do

I help smart, successful women learn how to make wise financial decisions. Coping with money issues is a struggle for many, even when they are successful in other areas of their life. The financial impact for women in transition from divorce, death of a spouse, caring for a family member or changing careers is profound. Often they did not handle the household finances and do not know where to begin. My mission is to provide tools and resources to help women gain clarity and confidence so they can move forward with their lives.  I do this by combining practical and behavioral money strategies.  My clients develop a deep understanding of the behaviors and patterns that hold them back and a detailed roadmap of how to achieve their goals.

How The Passion Inspired, Purpose Driven™ System Helps Clients

The Money Coaching and Financial Planning Combination Benefits

The Money Coaching and Financial Planning Combination process helps folks identify what holds them back and move beyond these limitations. They not only learn what they need to do, but have a coach at their side, showing them how to do it.  My clients are bright, successful women. Many are professionals and run their own business. They are brilliant at helping others but often lack confidence when it comes to money management and business expansion. My distinct wealth coaching program helps women solve common problems associated with unconscious money patterns.

How It Worked For Anna*

On the outside, Anna looked like she had it all together.  A successful entrepreneur with a thriving business, Anna did not have cash flow, debt or budgeting concerns.  What was keeping Anna up at night was worrying about how she would pay for college for her teenage daughter, what would happen to her business if she had to care for her aging mother, and if she saved enough for retirement.  After reviewing her finances, I noticed she had all her savings in her retirement account.  She had almost nothing put aside for an emergency or college.  Even though she was good at living within her means and saving, her current financial plan didn't align with her life plan, causing her to lose sleep.  By going through the Money Coaching Core Process, we identified the Money Archetypes that held her back.  Next we built a financial plan that addressed her life goals and objectives holistically so all important aspects of her life were covered.  Finally, we implemented the plan, holding her accountable while using wealth coaching to guide her toward her goals and objectives.  Now Anna has confidence that no matter what happens, she is prepared.

*Name changed for privacy.

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The first step to begin your Money Archetype transformation is to take the Money Archetype Quiz, then schedule a free 30-minute Money Makeover conversation. I will provide an assessment of what you’re missing and why you’re not getting the results you want. I will also make recommendations to move you closer toward your desired outcome.

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