Money Archetype Quiz

How The Money Archetype Quiz Helps

Do you worry about your finances?  Would you like to be better off?  Is money a struggle for you?  Your Money Archetypes represent patterns and beliefs that influence daily money behavior at an unconscious level.  Take the Money Archetype Quiz to learn more about the eight money types and their impact on making money decisions.

Nothing Personal

The money types are not your personality, nor are they fixed. They are not who you are, but where you are. The Money Archetype Quiz shows you what archetypes you've developed.  This is the first step to becoming aware of the patterns and beliefs influencing the behavior that creates your results.  We can change and transform our archetypal patterns by becoming more conscious and aware of what pushes their buttons. Once you recognize your money types and become aware of the triggers, you open up to greater awareness and transformation. And who doesn’t want that, especially where money is concerned?

Click on each word that describes your tendencies relative to money. Once completed, click the 'SEE RESULTS' button below for your results.

The Eight Money Types and the Money Type Quiz are excerpted from the book Money Magic by Deborah L. Price © Copyright 2001 All rights reserved. Used with Permission.

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