money archetype quiz

Take the Money Archetype Quiz to discover your unique strengths and challenges with money. Find your unique path to wealth. After all, abundance is your birthright! 

Congratulations on taking this first step!  The Money Archetype Quiz will help you understand your relationship with money.  There are 8 Money Archetypes that reveal how you feel about money.  Each of us show some traits from most of them.  Your top 3 archetypes have the most influence in your life.  The money archetypes are not your personality traits.  An archetype shows your tendency to behave in a certain way because of a limiting belief.

Click the words that describe how you feel about money today.  Be honest, there's no judgement here!  Go with your gut or your first instinct to get the best result. Once you get your profile, schedule your free 30 minute Money Makeover Call.  On the call we will talk about your top 3 archetypes and how they interact with each other and appear in your life.  I will help you discover your unique money strengths and how to overcome your money challenges.  Isn't that a great way to spend 30 minutes?

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