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So, what is on your bucket list? Planning for the things in life that make your heart sing is what gives me the greatest joy! Is it travel? Learning a new skill? More time with family? Whatever it is that you are passionate about, let me know! Below are some links to websites that are meant to serve as a resource for you.

Is travel on your bucket list?

Often when I am meeting with a client, the subject of travel comes up. One of the challenges many single women face is not feeling comfortable traveling alone or taking a group tour if they are not part of a couple. The following websites may help provide information if you are in that situation.

Eurynome Journeys’ WanderWoman small group women’s tours and custom educational tours are offered in cooperation with Leisure Markets Inc. of Guilford, Connecticut. Our travel destinations include Europe, Egypt, Russia, Jordan, Maine and more!

The Women’s Travel Group was founded by Phyllis Stoller. Phyllis loves to travel, but her husband would rather stay home. Tired of waiting for friends to decide to join her, she founded what is now a community of traveling women who want to feed their adventurous spirit. Some travel alone, others form their own groups. Phyllis offers a variety of options suitable for a single traveler or group of friends.

AdventureWomen® has been a pioneer, custom-designing and leading some of the most unique adventure travel tours for active women over 30, since 1982. Our adventure vacations continue to delight and inspire women traveling solo, or with their sisters, mothers, daughters, partners and friends. is a women’s travel e-zine that provides valuable firsthand recommendations to a worldwide audience.  For great travel ideas follow co-founders Vivienne Chapleo & Jill Hoelting on their adventures around the world via their newsletter.
Journeywoman is the ultimate online travel resource for women. You’ll find advise from a world-wide readership of 70,000 women- on topic ranging form what to wear to where and when to go, safety tips, restaurants, etc.  Editor Evelyn Hannon shares her travels and her finds with a monthly newsletter.  The Journeywoman site also includes  an international directory of women to help each other with travel.

Transitions Abroad in an online magazine offering alternatives to conventional tourism.  The site includes advice on working abroad, learning languages, study abroad, volunteer travel, and more.  They have an entire section dedicated to women’s travel and listings of women-only tours.

Women Travel the World is a site based in New Zealand, that covers the globe for women travelers.  Rosemary Neave, the face behind the website, lists women-friendly accommodations, tours, travel resources, and even gives away free post cards and luggage tags!

Is Spending Time Supporting A Cause On Your Bucket List?

Want to volunteer? Need help finding an opportunity that speaks to your passion? The following website may help you find what you need:

Is Learning A New Skill On Your Bucket List?

Do you have a burning desire to learn something new? Want to start a new hobby or interest? Joining a meetup group may be your answer. Search the website’s extensive list of options.

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