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What Is A Money Coaching Circle™?

Are your finances a hot mess?

Do you live paycheck to paycheck (or worse)?

Do your debts grow faster than your savings account?

Does worrying about money keep you up at night?

If you said “yeah, that’s me” there is hope.  Join a Money Coaching Circle…and transform your relationship with money!  The Money Coaching® process is life-changing work that provides you the opportunity to experience tremendous growth, both personally and financially. During this workshop, you will –

• Understand your own relationship with money and why you're where you are.

• Learn why unconscious money patterns, beliefs or behaviors prevent you from attracting abundance and keep you stuck.

• Learn how to overcome the habits that stand in your way

• Receive step-by-step guidance to get you on the path toward financial freedom

Money is energy. It is either moving toward you, or away from you.  A Money Coaching Circle™ provides a safe space for opening up about money behaviors so you can learn to release what no longer serves you. If you are ready to make this the year you take action and put worrying about money behind you, then sign up today! A Money Coaching Circle™ is a four-week group Money Coaching process facilitated by Therese R. Nicklas, CFP®, Certified Money Coach®. This is a low-cost alternative to individual coaching. Groups consist of a minimum of six and maximum of eight participants. Events are held in person or remotely by Zoom.  Seating is limited to a maximum of eight participants. Respond today to reserve your seat. This could be the most important step you take toward your dream lifestyle! Invest in yourself for an affordable rate.

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