financial planning + investment management

a goal is a dream with a deadline.  let me show you how to create the lifestyle of your dreams.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

You have to make financial decisions every day.  Do you know how your attitude towards money effects your decisions?

objective advice

 I want you to feel confident you are making smart money choices that will enable you to maintain your lifestyle in any situation. Because that is financial freedom! 

a dedicated planner

You don't have to walk this journey alone.  You'll learn simple, clear money strategies you can apply with your eyes closed. And with your wealth coach at your side, showing you how to do it.  

hands-on guidance

I hold your hand while keeping you accountable to implementing the steps so you attain your desired outcome.  Helping you create financial independence isn't a job for me, it is my calling.

ready to transform your finances?

it starts with your money mindset

Did you know conflicts with money destroy more relationships and cause more anxiety than any other problem? It's unfortunate that money is still considered a taboo conversation topic.  As concern for financial security grows, folks want guidance to help them make smart decisions. Today we are bombarded with information. How do you decide what's best?  By participating in the Money Coaching Core Process™, you learn how to identify the money behaviors, beliefs and patterns that hold you back.  Then you get tools and exercises to help develop new habits that will guide you to your desired outcome.  

Money Coaching and Financial Planning helps you build the confidence needed to take action toward your goals. Financial Planning shows you where you are now and what you need to do by breaking your goals down into manageable steps.  Money Coaching shows you how to change your habits to get your desired results.  The combination is transformational!

How It Worked For Anna*

On the outside, Anna looked like she had it all together.  A successful entrepreneur with a thriving business, Anna did not have cash flow, debt or budgeting concerns.  What was keeping Anna up at night was worrying about how she would pay for college for her teenage daughter, what would happen to her business if she had to care for her aging mother, and if she saved enough for retirement.  After reviewing her finances, I noticed she had all her savings in her retirement account.  She had almost nothing put aside for an emergency or college.  Even though she was good at living within her means and saving, her current financial plan didn't align with her life plan, causing her to lose sleep.  By going through the Money Coaching Core Process, we identified the Money Archetypes that held her back.  Next we built a financial plan that addressed her life goals and objectives holistically so all important aspects of her life were covered.  Finally, we implemented the plan, holding her accountable while using wealth coaching to guide her toward her goals and objectives.  Now Anna has confidence that no matter what happens, she is prepared.

*Name changed for privacy.

how am i paid?

We agree to a flat, annual fee at the beginning of our work together.  Asset management fees are deducted quarterly out of your investment account.  The annual retainer is paid at the start of our engagement.  The fee quoted at the start of your engagement includes a minimum retainer of $2,500.

We will review our agreement and fee every 12 months.  There is no minimum time commitment, but we hope - and expect - that you will find our work together valuable enough to stay for many years.

how your fee is calculated

We have a minimum annual fee of $5,000 for individuals & couples, $12,000 for business owners, and $15,000 if your net worth exceeds $5,000,000.

If you have assets for us to manage that exceed $250,000, then we calculate the fee based on your assets, as you report to us before our engagement begins.

sample fee calculation

assets under management

$250,000 - $499,999

$500,000 - $999,999

$1,000,000 and over

sample annual fee




For example, a family with a $500,000 account would pay:

Annual Retainer

Asset Management

Total Annual Fee




why an annual retainer and flat fee

It is a common industry practice for financial advisory firms to charge a percentage of a client's net worth or a percentage of the assets managed by the firm.  Typically, we see firms charge 1% of a client's net worth. The flat annual fee may cover financial planning, asset management, assets under advisement, and ongoing retained advice for services not related to investments managed by the firm. 

The Wealth Coach for Women finds having a separate fee for financial planning and asset management more transparent, flexible and cost effective for the client.  Our clients pay a flat annual fee (retainer) to create, execute and monitor their financial plan on an ongoing basis and a separate fee for managing assets.

  • It is the most transparent way of quoting your fee.  You know in advance how much you will invest in yourself to work with us.
  • We believe our fee structure reduces any potential conflict of interest.
  • Our goal is not to be the least expensive firm.  We believe our fees are reasonable and compete favorably with many of our colleagues.
  • By breaking down the planning and advising investment from asset management, we are able to reduce your ongoing asset management fee from industry standards.
  • As a full-time fiduciary, fee-only firm, clients are the only source of compensation. This is similar to how other professionals, like attorneys or CPA's are paid.  

investment philosophy

keep it simple, life is complicated enough

  1. Select a combination of low cost equity (stocks) and fixed income (bonds) instruments like mutual funds or Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) that align with your risk tolerance and goals.
  2. Understand tax implications and prepare accordingly.
  3. Save consistently.
  4. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Investing is simple, but it's not easy.  Keeping our emotions in check is the hard part.  Too often we feel the urge to buy or sell at the wrong time.  Or, stick our head in the sand and ignore the whole money thing altogether.  Working with a Wealth Coach will guide you away from making emotional decisions.  Buying or selling investments should only be made when the trades align with your overall plan and the lifestyle you are trying to create. 

investing needs to be part of your holistic financial plan

The client relationship begins with creating a holistic financial plan. It is our way of "diagnosing" your current situation and "prescribing" a solution. Your investments are only part of your solution, yet it's where most people focus.  Knowing how much to invest in each "bucket", and how your buckets fit your goal time lines is essential to enjoying the lifestyle and legacy you are working so hard to create.

A successful planning and investing strategy is measured by how well it helps you achieve your goals.  Having clarity, certainty and confidence you are on track is the foundation for financial freedom.

Helping you create your big, bold life is my passion!

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