Engaging the services of a wealth coach is a process that deserves serious consideration. The following are typical questions we get asked from prospective clients.

Do you specialize in a type of client?

Typically, I work with professional women in their late 30s to early 60s. They're experiencing a lifestyle shift, such as losing a spouse, divorce, job or even a career change. I help them build a new life by empowering them with simple, clear money strategies.

Are you a Fiduciary?

  Yes I am!  Click here for details about what working with a Fiduciary Advisor means to you.

There are so many financial planners. Why should I choose you?

  Great question!  Choosing a financial planner/wealth coach is a very personal decision.  You should have a gut feeling that the person you choose is someone you want to share your goals with and will help you create that big, bold life you're dreaming about. Typically, clients that ask to work with me know they have money mindset issues and want to overcome their blocks so they can create their big, bold life.  It is in your best interest to avoid the temptation to choose based on price.  This is a very personal business and not one size fits all.  Your needs aren't cookie cutter.  Neither are financial professionals.

What are some common problems you’ve helped clients solve?

You know how it's hard to make good decisions after a sudden trauma?  I help widowed or divorced women build a new lifestyle by teaching  them simple, clear money strategies they can apply with their eyes closed. Often their biggest worry is how long will their money last.  So I help them find out if there's life insurance or other overlooked assets.  I explain how employee benefits, pension and retirement accounts will impact their future.  Then I help them create a workable cash flow system so they can decide how to fund other goals, like paying for college or retirement.  I believe the biggest problem I help them solve is removing the angst of feeling like they are all alone in the process.  Knowing they have their trusted advisor by their side gives them gives them confidence and certainty they will thrive, not merely survive, with their lifestyle and legacy secured. 

Why do you specialize in helping women?

I saw early in my career many women were raised to believe money matters were the "man's job". This became problematic if they didn't have a man in their life and had to handle things alone. Women tend to outlive men, and experience career interruptions more than men.  They worry more about outliving their money and making sure their family’s needs are covered if anything happens to them prematurely.  Yet even though many women make most of their household’s buying decisions, the financial services industry has notoriously ignored women's needs.  My mission is to change that by guiding my clients toward creating a big. bold life!  I designed my process to complement the way women like to work by leading with education and planning, rather than selling a product.  Giving women room to feel comfortable asking questions helps them open up about what they don’t understand and what matters most to them.  I take the time to give them the information they crave so they're confident in their money decisions.

Will you work with men?

 Yes!  Although I specialize in helping women, I often work with couples and many single male clients.

How much contact do you have with your clients?

During the initial planning phase, we have a pre-determined meeting schedule.  Typically we meet twice a month until the plan is created and implemented. Then we meet as needed to coordinate the services of your other professionals to fully support what you want to accomplish. The benefit to you is it consolidates the fractured advice you may receive from multiple providers and minimizes the possibility of something significant falling through the cracks. In between scheduled meetings, clients always have the option to contact us with questions.

What makes your client experience distinct?

 My clients say the combination of Money Coaching and Planning helps them know what stands between them and financial freedom and what changes they need to make to attain their goals.  I'm one of a handful of Certified Financial Planners that is a Certified Money Coach too.  I developed a Wealth Coaching model to ensure the plan we create is executed.  By holding their hand while keeping them accountable, my clients don't take this journey alone.  They have a partner walking beside them.  When the initial plan is in place and all the boxes are checked, they can breathe again, knowing all the things that kept them up at night, staring at the ceiling are handled, preserving their lifestyle and legacy.

How do you charge for your services and how much?

 As a fiduciary fee-only firm, my compensation comes from my clients, not product sales. Clients hire us to provide personal financial consulting services centered on how to efficiently attain their goals.  My service model includes Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management. Clients pay an up-front retainer that covers planning, money coaching and ongoing advice.  The investment is disclosed prior to engagement. The investment is reviewed annually, and can range from $2,500 to $15,000.  I will tailor strategies by constructing, monitoring, and re-balancing your portfolio as appropriate. For this I charge a percentage of assets under management.  Click here for more information.

Do I need to have a certain amount of money to work with you?

 No.  We want to help you regardless of if you have money for us to manage.  Often a client has all of their investments in their company 401K account, their business or real estate.  As part of the financial planning process, we will provide advice for those assets, even though we aren't managing them.  For clients in the early to mid career stage, they typically have big savings goals for events that will occur in the near future, like starting a family, buying a home or aggressively paying off college debt.  This is why we charge a flat fee for financial planning and ongoing advice.  We find life never stays still and neither should your financial plan.  It isn't a once and done process.  Sometimes you need to course correct along the journey.  Doesn't it make sense to have your advisor ready to take your call and answer your questions?

Can't I do this myself, or use an online tool?

 Absolutely.  You can find free tools online.  What you won't get from a robo advisor, or trying to do it yourself is objective advice.  One of the hardest parts of financial planning is staying disciplined to work toward your goals and unemotional when the market gets jittery.  More important, do you want to do this alone?  Do you have the knowledge, time, discipline and follow-through to create a financial plan that creates a picture of your desired lifestyle and then stay inspired to take action?  And my follow up question is, if you do, why haven't you done it yet?

This sounds perfect!  How do I get started?

 That’s easy. Just call or email me and let’s have an initial conversation to decide if taking the next step makes sense.  If we both agree, we will get together at a convenient time and location to continue exploring the possibility of working with each other. There is no cost or obligation for the initial consult meeting. If we mutually agree to move forward, we’ll schedule a 60 minute “discovery” conversation to start the financial planning process.

Is there anything else I should know?

  Still have questions? Click here to get in touch and let me know. I’ll be glad to talk about anything that’s on your mind.

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