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Meet Therese

i'm therese nicklas. 

are you divorced, widowed, or changing careers?  let's chat.

about you

Maybe you're recently divorced or widowed and feel uncertain about how to build your new life as a single woman.  Or maybe you're forced into an early retirement, or job change.  Dramatic life events are confusing and scary. Often the stress of an unplanned event makes it hard to make financial decisions.  Not knowing what to ask, or where to go for objective guidance can shatter your confidence.  Fear of the unknown can keep you up at night, staring at the ceiling.

knowledge is power

Are you a woman experiencing a major life event?  It is my passion and mission to help by offering you a safe, judgement-free place to ask all your money questions. I want you to feel certain you'll maintain your lifestyle in any situation and confident you're making smart money choices. Because that is financial freedom! And helping you create your big bold life isn't a job for me, it is my calling.

clarity is the first step toward financial freedom

Clarity is empowering!  Suddenly, your new life feels like an adventure and not a series of complex questions.  Instead of worrying about what you have to do, you look forward to planning what you get to do.

The benefit to you is -

  • Renewed confidence and ability to make decisions quickly.
  • Self-doubt, worry, and angst disappear.
  • You enjoy focusing on building your new lifestyle.
  • "Analysis Paralysis" becomes a thing of the past.

About About Therese R. Nicklas, CFP®, CMC®

-certified money coach-

I'm asked all the time why I focus on helping women.  I saw a wide gap between the typical approach of financial advisory firms and what many women said they need and want.  So I created my practice to support women with a safe space to ask questions, and resources to build their new life. 

why I specialize in helping women

Early in my financial planning career, my close friend lost her husband.  When she came to me for help, she was lost, confused and overwhelmed.  I noticed how trying to make all the financial decisions added to her stress.  There were so many things she didn't know and had no idea where to get answers.  Was there life insurance, how much money would she need to run her household, was there enough money to pay for college? It took us nearly a year to complete the discovery process and get answers to all her questions.  She had no idea she was so in the dark when it came to money.  Her husband handled everything, and she didn't ask questions.  She was brought up to believe money was "the man's job".  But in the blink of an eye, everything became "her job".

After helping my friend, other women with similar problems came to me for help. I quickly realized this is a common problem.  It is why I am so passionate about helping women build a new life after a traumatic event by giving them the guidance and information they need to make smart financial decisions.

If you, or someone important to you has questions, let's get on a quick call together.  It could be one step that transforms everything.

ready for a tranformation?


Typically, I work with professional women in their late 30s to early 60s, who are dealing with a traumatic event. Often they're facing the loss of a spouse, divorce, job or even a career change. These changes are stressful, especially if they're not planned! Often the angst of the unexpected makes it hard to make financial decisions.


My Passion Inspired, Purpose Driven™ system directs you toward creating financial freedom.  Our priority is learning about your life and the legacy you want to create. You learn how to envision your ideal lifestyle. You're guided with a customized step by step process, holding your hand while we keep you accountable. You will be inspired to take action, and motivated to push through what’s possibly held you back. When you begin implementing your customized financial plan, we want you to say “I’m glad I did”, instead of “I wish I had”. 

The client relationship begins with creating a holistic financial plan. It is our way of "diagnosing" your current situation and "prescribing" a solution. The plan will address the major areas of financial planning to make sure nothing important is overlooked. Your plan will be tailored to your needs and objectives.


The financial plan is designed to help you gain clarity. First, we get clear on where you are now and where you want to be.  Next we outline the steps you'll need to take to attain your goals.  Finally, we take the journey together.  I hold your hand, while keeping you accountable.  


Our work together can transform your life if you are ready to commit to taking action, and improving your life by working on your money mindset.

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